Our Ofsted Registered Children’s Home Has Been Rated ‘Outstanding’


A Wilderness Way are thrilled to announce that our Ofsted Registered Children’s Home ‘Borrowdale View’ has received an Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ for the second year in a row. This rating comes under the leadership and management of Hannah, who has worked on developing excellent standards within the children’s home by supplying exceptional residential care and support to those at risk of exploitation.

The inspection took place on the 22nd and 23rd October 2018, and below we have listed some of the highlights the inspectors focused upon in their report.

Wilderness Experiences

Borrowdale View is one of our Ofsted registered children’s homes that acts as a location hub for our Wilderness Experiences. It is home to both planned and emergency admissions as a result of crisis intervention, and support is supplied to any young person who has been subject to abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The focus is on helping young people heal and thrive, so we run outdoor programmes that develop teamwork skills like camping, rock climbing and canoeing. These Wilderness Experiences combined with the care within the registered children’s homes provide countless children and young people with opportunities, skills, and confidence, while also offering a stable homelife. This was found by the Ofsted inspection, which stated ‘all children and young people thrive, and they make progress while living at the home. Because of the services provided, the children and young people experience an individualised, stable and consistent home life.’

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Our Ofsted report emphasised how ‘the rural location of the home and the services provided ensures that the children and young people are kept safe.’ At Borrowdale View, we deliver the highest quality residential care in Cumbrian’s rural countryside environment, away from disruptions and distractions. We have done this to ensure that all young people start afresh and avoid anything that may affect their long-term development.


The Ofsted inspection payed particular focus on relations between the staff and children and found that ‘Children and young people have excellent relationships with staff who know and understand them well. The children and young people experience continuity of care from staff whom they trust and respect.’ All of our staff members within the children’s home have been fully trained to develop strong relationships as they are central to the longstanding development of the children.


The Ofsted report stated that ‘the staff have a well-developed and individualised specialist knowledge about the risks and issues related to child sexual exploitation, self-harm, gang culture, county lines, restorative practice, radicalisation, extremism, attachment, trauma and loss.’ A Wilderness Way have ensured that all employees within the registered children home have expansive knowledge about risks the children may have, as understanding the young persons perspective and needs are central to the success of each child.

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What Others Say About Us

I am truly taken aback by the level of care you have shown. The staff have gone out of their way to show him the attention and care that he has never had. When I visited him, it was like I was looking at a different child to what he was before he came. He was not like a child in care, he was like a child in a family. You have literally saved his life.

Social Worker

All children and young people thrive, and they make progress while living at the home. Because of the services provided the children and young people experience an individualised, stable and consistent home life. Children and young people benefit from the integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to education and care. They each achieve their full potential and, in many cases, do so beyond previous expectations.


I am so grateful to the AWW team for their dedication and commitment to caring and supporting Sam. He recently reported that being at there gave him the space to think and the opportunity to reflect on his attitude and make plans for his future.

Social Worker

I have to share my delight at Luke’s progress at AWW. Thanks to your support, in the last 17 weeks Luke and has turned his life around significantly. From where he has come from to where he is now, I am so proud of him.

Social Worker

The placement was really good and beneficial to me. The staff were all really supportive and nice and always made themselves available to me if I had any problems. The outdoor activities that were offered helped me to have a better outlook and showed me that I can do so much more in life, and it really helped me process and made me feel like a better person.


As METCO Officer for Cumbria Police I have regular contact with the team at AWW in relation to vulnerable children at risk of CSE and going missing. If a specific incident has occurred, the Home Manager and I speak on the phone to discuss the best way forward. She also attends CSE risk assessment meetings and we receive Philomena Protocol forms when a young person arrives in placement.

Cumbria Police